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Being a published writer with a strong background in fashion public relations has afforded me an invaluable perspective on branding and content production. A great brand is more than just a good-looking logo. Your mission needs to be clear, your copy has to be attractive, and, above all else, you need to be organized. Though in recent years I’ve become more known as a writer, I actually spent most of my career behind the scenes, learning  from some of the best publicists and editors in the biz. Check out how we can work with each other below. For availability, rates, and scheduling please email me at



Writing & Editing

Great copy can make a world of difference in attracting new customers, expressing your mission, or, simply, just defining your brand. Develop your awesome idea and allow me to create the perfect press release and/or media kit. Whether you’re seeking the right way to spread your news or just something catchy to attach to your product information, I can produce stunning copy to help you reach your desired audience. Past and current clients include Romeo Hunte, Laruicci, Catherine Malandrino, and more.


Editorial Planning and Launching

Launching a website, project, or blog is a lot of fun….that is, once everything is already in motion. Starting out can be tough. Common questions most people never think about before launching a new website is: How many stories should I have up before I launch? How do I monetize my blog from the start? Do I have the manpower to keep consistent for the next 6 months? Am I on trend? If not, what about my upcoming content is worth the time and effort? Don’t let the dreamy idea of having your own project cloud the actual reality of what it takes to make it happen! I’ve helped brands and content creators execute their goals (both big and small) by outlining a plan for them to follow, according to their taste, style, and mission. Allow me to declutter your thoughts and help you focus on what needs to be done to reach your launch deadline.  Whether your project is as big as producing a full website or as small as a month-long blog campaign, the planning needs to be on point.


Creative Consulting

Maybe you’re already sorted with your team and mission plan, but need help organizing. Maybe your completed project just needs some fine tuning. Or, perhaps, you have a great idea but just not yet ready to make the first move. Let’s hop on a call (or sit down for coffee) and talk ideas. I offer a free first-time 30 minute consultation as a way for us to get to know each other — a first “date” if you will. I want to see where you’re at and what I can help you with.



Project Management

Ideal for the busy industry weeks (think NYFW, market week, etc.), project management is a major key in staying productive. I have several years of experience working as a fashion and media assistant, so I know a thing or two about all things management. If you’re struggling with getting your projects together but don’t necessarily need to hire an assistant, allow me to help you save money and (intern-training time) by serving as your short-term project manager. Service includes (but is not limited to) scheduling, email filtering, emailing, and filing — basically anything that helps you get re-organized and back on your feet to power through the rest of the month.




I am available for speaking engagements concerning creative branding, blogging, body image, women’s issues, social issues, humanitarian causes, and lifestyle. My most popular stories concern women and confidence building. I am also committed to community support.



For availability, rates, and scheduling please email me at

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