About Me

Ka·dia Bla·grove
kay-dee-yah   blay-grove/
1. NYC- based writer for all things lifestyle and culture
2. A lover of good food, good wine, and Beyonce.

Used in a sentence: Kadia Blagrove is a Jamaican-American creator who uses her talents to spread awareness and goodwill.


Now that I’ve defined myself, let’s get to the real details:

In short, I am a writer, journalist, humanitarian, and creative entrepreneur. (Also, founder of Casual Muse, Just a Little Warmer, and co-founder of The Pop-Up Care Shop.)


In long…

I’m a freelance writer who has been published in both international and national publications including The Huffington Post, OK! Nigeria, xoJane, Mane Addicts, Thought Catalog, Complex, and more. Within the last six years of my career, I have dedicated my voice to issues concerning women, race, and social politics. Besides writing articles, I also offer services of project management, press writing, and copywriting for brands, entrepreneurs, and agencies.

Covering the the premier of Charlie Ahearn's Jamel Shabazz documentary for Casual Muse.

Covering the the premier of Charlie Ahearn’s Jamel Shabazz documentary for Casual Muse.

South African Consul Bernard Legodi and I at the 2015 Starfish Gala in NYC.

South African Consul Bernard Legodi and I at the 2015 Starfish Gala in NYC.

In 2014, I launched my first creative project, Casual Muse — a space dedicated to the casual musings of creatives and brilliant minds. Since its launch, the site has garnered a growing following and has featured influential artists and creatives from around the world. Popular cultural website Blavity noted Casual Muse as one to watch in their top 10 list.

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Another project dear to my heart is  Just a Little Warmer. Growing up in New York City, I’ve witnessed too many homeless people suffer the brutal winter wearing just a coat. Small yet essential items like hats, gloves, and scarves are severely left out of most coat drives around the city. In December 2015, I launched the Just a Little Warmer clothing drive at The Bronx Museum of  the Arts.  Words can’t express the amount of love and support the clothing drive received. We collected and donated several bags of new and gently used winter accessories and clothing to Bronx women and children’s shelter SAMMON Build and downtown Manhattan shelter Bowery Mission.

Just a Little Warmer clothing drive

Just a Little Warmer clothing drive

Inspired by the success of Just a Little Warmer, yet motivated to make a more direct reach to people in need, I joined forces with fellow writer (and dear friend)  Kydee Williams to launch The Pop-Up Care Shop — a pop-up shop of donated goods.

Attached to this website is my blog KazzleDazz (scroll all the way down on the homepage). The blog is a magical space where I share my whimsical ideas, quirky stories, and honest opinions. The weird name truly has no meaning, to be honest! I wish I had a more clever back story but it really is just the name of my Twitter handle.  I wanted to make up a sparkly and unusual screen-name, and this was the result. I think it matches the content of the blog. Ha!

I’m always interested in a new project or collaboration. Please feel free to drop me a line at kazzledazz@gmail.com.

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