Solange Launches ‘Saint Heron’ Album in Lamborghini Trunk Sale Style

This past Sunday, Solange hit the streets of NYC in a pimped out Lamborghini decorated by one of my favorite artists Rashaad Newsome.

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(Twitter @SolangeKnowles)

Solange’s cool is so effortless. If you haven’t heard already, the songstress announced the launch of her own record label earlier this year — Saint Records. Solange has always suffered the constant comparison to her more commercially successful big sister, Beyonce. But in recent years, Sol has found her own sound and her own way. Trendsetter, artist, songwriter, and style icon — this renewed Solange is incomparable to Bey; she has created a fresh and hip lane for herself which many are now starting to follow.  Introducing her new label, Solange and her artists, which include uber talented voices like Jhene Aiko and Sampha among others, put together a compilation album called “Saint Heron.”

“Saint Records was designed to give new and ingenious artists a space to create their music and circulate their art – in turn becoming a haven for R&B lovers and listeners to discover music free of marketplace politics. The intent of the album, and the label at large, is to feature, highlight and align a new movement of contemporary, genre-defying R&B visionaries, which will serve as a segue into the diverse evolution of these independent artists as they share their voices and words as only they can – through pure, unadulterated music.” (Saint Records)

I’m wid’it!

Urban hipsters threw on their turbans, Converses, and their best vintage for the the singer’s grand appearance. Making three stops throughout the city — Studio Museum in Harlem, Opening Ceremony in SoHo, Habana Outpost in Brooklyn — Solange pulled up to the scene in the sick ass Lamborghini donning a bright and colorful quirky ensemble. Because this is a true indie movement, the tricked out ride was actually used as a trunk sale for the fans to get their hands on an advanced copy of the album.  Love it.

I can kick myself for missing this celebration! I was totally unaware;  too busy watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon. A lazy Sunday I guess.

Anywho, I heard samples of the album and it is PERFECTION. Nothing less than complete perfection. Smooth R&B rhythms, sultry vibes, a real chill piece of work. Expect an album review soon.

solange saint heron

Pre-order your copy of “Saint Heron” here.

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