I’m in Love with “Salt Bae”

Food porn has been taken to a whole new level.

Ete sevgini katiyorsun dediler

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Meet #SaltBae, a Turkish chef who went viral for sprinkling salt in the most fabulous of ways…and for being sexy AF.  

Salt Bae (I don’t know his name; on social media he just goes by his restaurant @nusr_et) has a way of playing with his meat. Wow this post is feeling pretty x-rated right now.  But just see what I’m talking about below:

Masaj müzik Sevgi

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Bae is so extra but I love it.

İşte kuzu kuzu geldim dedi

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Ottoman steak 🔪

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Of course, with internet fame, comes internet jokes.


lmao! so what?!

He even inspired art!


Salt Bae is definitely the move for 2017.



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