So my latest obsession is wigs. Curly ones, straight ones, wavy ones, kinky ones, long ones, short ones — you get the picture.  I love wigs. I blame my sister for this. Last month when I couldn’t decide what to do with my hair for my birthday, she introduced me to SistaWigs.com, a haven of cheap and stylish wigs. I instantly fell in love. For my bday I was going for a very Solange, wavy, red carpet look.

See Exhibit Slay above.


I found the perfect Solo-inspired mane in Outre’s Valentina lace-front wig. This was pretty ambitious for my first wiggy purchase because lace-fronts seem to be a huge deal. Nearly every YouTube tutorial I watched included doing some advance-level modification to your lace-front: bleaching, tweezing out baby hairs, applying makeup to your part — just way too much for someone like me. I’m all about the simple. It was hard enough just cutting the lace alone (side note: I find it really funny how *angry girlfriend voice* hair bloggers will show you everything — from how they wash their hair in the shower to how they detangle each and every knot in their hair — but won’t show you how to cut lace!) I eventually figured out how to work a lace front: just cut the lace across your hairline and hope for the best. It worked out fine for me.

So yes, I love my Valentina wig. I took her out to play for my birthday and New Year’s Eve. While I love my thick and wavy bob, I wanted to get something that felt more true to my natural hair. I wanted an afro wig.

Afro wigs are pretty hard to find and the good ones are super expensive — like $500 expensive. I did find a site that was moderately priced, FingerComber.com; but it still wasn’t in the budget I was working with. So I went back to my favorite place, Sista Wigs and found me a $15 wig!  Since I’m already familiar with Outre, I bought their Big Beautiful Hair 4a Kinky Quick Weave. Their Big Beautiful Hair collection consists of three different textures: 3B which is loose and curly, 4a which is long and coily, and 4c which is short and coily. I chose to go with 4a  instead of 4c because the coils don’t resemble my true texture anyway, and in order for me to get the full brushed out look, I needed something with more length. Simply, 4a was easier to manipulate.

I absolutely love this wig! It’s definitely going to become my go-to look for days I don’t feel like doing my hair or when I’m trying to give my natural coils a break. It’s lightweight, can fit my whole head but also works as a half wig in case I want to do hairstyles, and it’s sexy AF. For full details, watch my YouTube review below!

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