We Can Now Confess Our Valentine’s Day Woes on #BlerdDating


I’ve been dating for thirteen years now, and so far my love life can only be described as weird, strange, outrageous, amazing (in a pleasantly surprising turn of events), horrible, stranger than before, and as of now, pretty nonexistent. You guys already read about some of my less-than-awesome dating experiences, and most recently, my single gal epiphany. But, now there is a space where both you and I can have open discussion of our dating woes on Black Twitter’s latest innovation, #BlerdDating.

The online event is a weekly hour of storytelling — everything from first date recaps to cyberstalking your ex. If you aren’t aware, “blerd” is a portmanteau of “black” and “nerd.” But you don’t have to be a gamer or comic book lover to join the conversation. After launching only a month ago, the digital meetup has become one of Monday night’s most live trending topics. Of course, with next Monday (February 13) being just a day before Valentine’s Day, the upcoming #BlerdDating chat is expected to be LITTY.

According to hosts Leesa Dean (creator and producer) and Nicole Franklin (co-producer), #BlerdDating acts as an interactive podcast that allows followers to chat along. Dean says, “My dating life was a mess. I love Twitter stories, the intimate nature of [literary series] The Moth and thought, why don’t I create a chat about dating from a blerd POV that combines live-tweeting very personal Twitter stories around a weekly topic? Each episode feels like the coolest party you’ve ever been to where friends are kicking it, laughing and commiserating about their dating experiences. Since the confessions all include memes, the experience of reading them real-time is almost cinematic.”

The series also includes celebrity guest appearances. The Valentine’s Day episode will feature R&B legend Anthony Hamilton. That’s right ya’ll, you can finally tell Anthony why you can’t let go of your ex — as well as get some useful dating advice.

Get in on all the #BlerdDating action on Monday, February 13 @9pm EST on Twitter. Follow the hosts for more info: Leesa Dean (@chilltowntv), Nicole Franklin (@nicoleedits)


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